Project Island Overview


My Role
UX Designer
My Responsibilites
I am currently working on this project as a UX/UI designer, focusing on user flows and interactions with the game. For instance....
  • The UX and system design for the build system in the game. I ideated and iterated on how the player will interact with the world through building and how it relates to player progression and level design.
  • For the dialogue UI, I focused on creating a fluid UI with maximum usability but still maintaining the fun and style of the IP.
  • For character costume customization, I worked on the UI and system to allow the player to collect and customize their character's wardrobe.
Project years
2021 - Present
Project overview
Project Island is a fan-made sequel based on the LEGO® Island series. Project Island sets out to be a fun 3D adventure game with wit and humor of the original games. The team is currently focusing on releasing the first playable demo by winter 2023.
Figma, FigJam, Unity

Case Studies

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