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My Role
UX Designer: User Research & Protoryping
My Responsibilites
I worked with two other UX designers where I focused on conducting user research and user testing for this project.
  • Gathered quantitative data from users using surveys and qualitative data with user interviews.
  • Performed Competitor analysis and used that data to drive feature prioritization decisions.
  • Created rapid prototypes of varying fidelity to make iterative decisions via user testing.
Project year
Product overview
WING is a mobile app to solve an everyday problem for photographers, videographers, and any creative looking to scout locations for their next project. WING helps users scout and discover locations in any city for their next big project.
Miro, Adobe XD


WING Hi-Fi Prototype

Case Study

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WING Lo-Fi PrototypeWING User TestingWING UI InspirationWING Next Steps
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